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Italian elegance for doors and windows, with it's essential lines, the innovative types of opening and its original accessories, Secco Sistemi blends with contemporary architecture. Secco Sistemi stands out for the elegance and the artisanal attention to details but especially for the happy solution of the relationship between the transparency of the glass and the solid lightness of the frame made of quality material like brass, Corten, stainless steel and galvanized steel.


Winner of the “Compasso d’Oro”, OS2 is a Secco Sistemi product born from the experience gained by the company in the area of windows’ realization with reduced visual impact made of precious metals for architecture. A complex of possibilities that OS2 can offer to architectural design, synthesis of years of competence in restoration ad contemporary world. The OS2 profiles are made in solid and tenacious materials with certified quality of oxidation and corrosion resistance. Materials for Secco are a source of design too, with them natural surfaces they affect the appearance of the frame and they can catch light or reflect it, they can have warm colors or austere ones and at the same time they have non-homogeneous surfaces for a continuous variant that emphasises the craftsmanship aspect of the product. All the used metals are 100% recyclable and they have high durability to concretize the sustainability of the product.

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SECCO 0G® - Zero Gravity

to free a door or window from its weight and make it float in the air, sliding without frictions, the best solution is that of magnetic levitation. Wanting to apply this technology without resorting to electrical energy, we identified a patent by Ironlev®, a peculiar geometry of passive magnets for lifting large masses along a thin track. Just as a ship floats in the water, so the ØG® lift-and-slide door or window fluctuate in the air, freed from its weight it flows effortlessly, slowed down only by the inertia of its mass. The naturalness and power of magnets give to the simple gesture of man, to lift and slide a sash of enormous dimensions, an unexpected force, perfect, without noise, without electricity. ØG® [zerø gravity] consists of a levitation unit recessed into the floor made of a sliding rail, the Ironlev® magnetic pads and a connection beam to the sash frame. The system does not require electricity, it works manually even with great weights, up to 1000 kg.



EBE 85 lift and slide doors is an integrated system with accessories, seals and thermal break profiles 85 mm deep. This makes it possible to realize lift and slide door and window frames with one to four wings of big dimensions and weight (up to 400 kgs.). They can be equipped with triple glazing up to 60 mm thick. The sealing of the lift and slide frame is guaranteed by a four-side double seal system. Each solution is equipped with a related set of concealing accessories integrated in the system.

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